Saturday, January 31, 2009

The week

So we have started going more with a schedule this past week and at the beginning the kids were doing pretty well with it. Of course since I'm not always there to keep things in check it gets pretty lax at times, but at least they are trying.
We went through most of the lessons for the month already, or at least half of them which is good.
It's sometimes hard for Nigel to remember that not all brains work the same way his does though, so I'm trying to work with Auna on the side to make sure that she's getting everything that he's saying during his lessons. We might have to start thinking about just having Nigel give the lessons to Xavier, and me give the lessons to Auna. That might simply be the easiest way to make sure that we are keeping the kids on track. Xavier and Nigel understand each other perfectly, and me and Auna have the same way to go about things, methodically in order to understand things from the end to the beginning, without having tangents all over the place.
We'll have to see where that takes us.

Tomorrow we have grammar and hopefully they will finish up their homework for the week. They don't get a week-end, during the week-end. They had two days off during the week on Wednesday and Friday, and that accounts for their week-end, however week-ends are definitely more relaxed. For instance today, we didn't do anything really until 2pm. On top of it Auna is sick, so work is pretty much out of the window. I really hope she will be feeling better tomorrow as I want to be able to give those lessons and have them over with.

So next week's goals, are tightening up the schedule. No more trying to get extra time before school starts at 9am. We need to not take the kids away from their schooling either. Last week we were going to lunch during my lunch break, but that cuts right into their school hours, right after they just got started. Can't do that anymore, because otherwise they don't get to work done after the lunch hour, they just do all the fun stuff during the afternoon. So no more of that. I will have to see how that goes.

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