Saturday, April 4, 2009

Off to (make) a movie !

This week-end we got an opportunity through some of Nigel's good friends to be part of a movie. The kids, and probably all of us are going to be extras in a horror/zombie movie.
Needless to say the kids are excited. Especially since, if the movie goes all the way to production their names will be in the credits.
I'm sure there will be a blog post about the experience really soon.

Things have been going well here, although I'm still trying to figure out the kids learning methods. Xavier seems to do best if just left to his own device. He's incredibly smart and reading about things is enough for him, lessons can be a bit redundant. However lessons are not a bad thing for him, it's just nice to know that he can be left to reading articles if needed. In his blog posts he shows a great grasp of every single article he's read and his reactions have been very cool to see. He'll often stop and talk to us about what he's reading in order to let us know about the neat discovery he's just made.
Auna on the other hand is overwhelmed a bit by this latest assignment. Reading on her own is not the way she likes to learn, and while I'm having her push through this time, I don't think it's very beneficial for her. I'm still having her do it because there will be a lot of this when she gets to College, and she needs to learn to feel comfortable with it, but I know that we will have to do a lot more hands on activities and lessons with her.
Which is interesting because I do believe she is a visual learner, but I think that she's still focusing on images rather than words. Taking Auna to the Field Museum is great for example, she learns a tremendous amount there just by looking at all the exhibits and associating the text with what she is seeing... I now need to help her hone her skills to fit text instead of images. But again, I also need to cater to her auditory learning style.
I think part of the problem too is that she was not an avid reader before being homeschooled, and while she's started reading a lot more lately this is still very new to her. And we're having her read full on articles in Discover and Science Illustrated, which aren't always easy reads. I'm sure that has to be extremely overwhelming.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Loving the weather!

Yesterday was spent mostly outside walking. I think I walked at least 3 hours, half an hour of which Auna came with me, the other hours were spent walking while at work.
This week is pretty mellow, we are cleaning the house again, and the kids are catching up on their posts that they were supposed to have done. Tomorrow we are going to the Field Museum in order to review what we had learned about the classification of living things, there is an entire area at the museum consecrated to that, and I didn't even know about it! Needless to say I'm overjoyed.

This week-end is probably going to be spent catching up on homework and making sure that we have our goals set for this month.