Thursday, January 8, 2009

Schedules can be icky

One of the challenges that we’ve encountered with home-schooling the kids is the fact that we are both extremely busy already on our own, and that it leaves us very little time to go through lessons and such.
For Nigel, working from home, it’s a bit hard to have to stick to a schedule. As an artist he is used to working when the inspiration takes, and so his teaching with the kids comes at impromptu moments, throughout the week, without much planning.
I on the other hand, can stick to a schedule, but I have to work and go to school outside of the house, which means that I still have limited time with the kids in order to implement lessons and review homework. I get home in the evening quite late, often after eight or nine and at that time homework help is either coming too late, or the kids are too distracted to really pay attention to any lesson.
While there is always a parent home with the kids, since work still has to get done, the kids are expected to be responsible enough to work a lot on their own. And while the kids are very responsible, and absolutely great, this is not something that they are entirely able to do right now.
So we are changing our schedule for February to see how it goes. The kids will have their “week-end” during the week, as needed, and we will hold classes on Saturdays and Sundays instead. We will go through the brunt of the school work during those days, and then they will have the week to do homework and writing.
Nigel will the there every day during the week to answer questions as needed, but the kids will have to take responsibility for their own school work.
I really believe that we will be able to go through all the lesson work during the week-end, as things go a lot faster when you are working one on one. And we do want to give the kids more responsibility in their schooling as well, so this process should be good for them and us.
We will see. I also have a good chunk of the afternoon on Tuesdays and Thursdays where I come home between two classes in order to have dinner with the family and where I can catch up on lessons and homework help as well. So we should be ok. It'll just be an adjustment.

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