Thursday, January 1, 2009

February Schedule

So for the month of February, we decided to still keep things fairly light, but to expand our teaching to all subjects, instead of focusing on one or two like we did last year.
In science we will review or learn:
-The Classification of Living Things
-The Scientific Theory
-Simple Astronomy
-Elements and Compounds
For Social Studies we will do Greek and Roman cultures. Technically we should be going through American History with Xavier, but we decided we would go through all of history going a little deeper than they would have in school instead. So we will review Ancient History first. Egypt was a given, since Auna loves it so much, both of the kids knew more than their share about the whole culture already. Xavier on his hand loves Greek and Roman culture and myths, so it will be a piece of cake for him.
Language Arts we will review
-Noun, Pronouns, Verbs and Adjectives
-Diagramming Sentences
-Homonyms, Synonyms and Antonyms
-Types of Writing (Narration, Description, Exposition, Persuation)
-Poems (Each month we chose two poets and they have to discover the author and copy as well as illustrate two poems from each of the authors. Then they have to memorize one poem from each author.)
And finally for Math we will look at
-Problem Analysis
-Multiplications and Divisions
-And more Logic problems.
I’ve done most of the research for each of the subjects and found great study sheets for the kids, I will try to figure out a way to link them all here.

We’ll also be doing a lot of fun things so the kids don’t get bogged down from the amount of work.
We have a few “Meet the Scientists” activities planned, February is apparently great for kids to meet different scientist and ask questions and learn what they do in their specific fields. I’ll post more about that in another post. We are also planning to go star gazing that the observatory, hence the simple Astronomy that we will go through, and we will go to the conservatory in order to look at natural sweets given by plants, since it will be Valentine's Day that month.
We’ll go ice skating as well, and I plan on making more cookies and bath bombs with Auna. Xavier should have a few video playing dates with new kids from the area, and hopefully I can have some play dates set up for Auna to meet friends as well.

We are also planning to do a few fun experiments as well that I will add in another post.

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