Friday, January 2, 2009


The way we are going about home-schooling is very inclusive. Both Auna and Xavier are going through the same subjects at the same time. We will not create different curriculums for each of them.
Because they are 11 and 13, we believe that they are close enough in age to go through the same curriculum. If one of them struggles on something new, we will adjust as needed. Maybe Auna will not read the same books as Xavier for instance, or her essays will not be graded in the same way, but most of the time we will push for them to learn at the same pace. The ultimate goal is for both of them to finish high school at the age of 16.

Right now my biggest concern is to get Auna to enjoy reading as much as her brother does. While they both complain about their reading, her brother has a much easier time with reading than she does.
On the other hand, Xavier is very much the same way I was at his age, in that as soon as he reads a book and starts another, the previous one is out of his head.
Auna, on the other hand focuses on the book a lot more and is able to recall stories much longer than her brother is.
I’m not sure which is best to be quite honest. I relate more, obviously to the way Xavier goes about reading, but at the same time being able to retain what you read is very important.
The retaining issue is why I’m having them both memorize poems each week. Memorization is nowadays given a bad name, but no matter what people might say, it does give your mind a better ability to focus and remember things after a while, allowing you to read things once or twice rather than having to study them for days.

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