Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Things have been mellow lately. The kids are taking a break really, just reading articles, and writing everything on a word file until I can review it and we can talk about each of them.
Next month we will start over the regimen of lots of homework and lessons. I'm looking ahead at what activities we can do, and so far it looks as though we will be able to visit the Adler Planetarium and the Museum of Science and Industry. But I would like to do some other things as well. Maybe the Zoo since we didn't get to go last month.
Oh yeah, we can plan a visit to the Brookfield Zoo with Mum and Da actually, we were talking about that just this week-end and I need to start planning on it then. So far it doesn't look as we have too many shows in April, but that might change quickly.

I'm starting to look at craft faires on top of everything else as I believe that some of my stuff, mostly the plushies, will sell better there. I'm also building a bunch of new plushies for my line. Right now on the drawing board is an octopus that I really like. I just need to tweak a few little things here and there and it will be ready for show. Also making more three dimentional monsters at the moment. Can't wait to see how those turn out.

The galleries last month were really great, especially the Glitch Gallery. We had an amazing time there. We've both been productive, me in organizing another 2 paintings of geishas, Nigel on finishing up and starting some of his big paintings. I really love the way the new ones are going and can't wait to see them done. They are absolutely amazing.

Alright, off to do more work.

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