Sunday, March 1, 2009

Catching Up

I haven't had time to update on anything really since the middle of the month. The kids did really well this month with all their homework. We had a couple of days where nobody wanted to work, but we managed to deal with those fairly well.
All of their homework pages were well done, I think that a lot of what we are going through with grades seven and eight is review to them, which helps.

I did find that the essays were still a big issue, but I haven't been able to help them much with those. They were better than last month though, so I guess that helps. We've switched to a new strategy for next month and maybe for a few months in the future as well. The kids have started blogging, which allows them to pay attention to their grammar and form in a much smaller format. So far it's been working. They are also learning how to blog and what to write when they are trying to relate their day.
This month they are asked to read two articles a day in Science Illustrated or another scientific magazine, and to blog on it each time. We'll see how that goes.

I need to walk over to the English tutoring place that is close to our house with them as I am having a hard time explaining grammar to them. I know the logic of french grammar, but the logic of english grammar is not quite within my grasp. I have tried teaching them nouns and adjectives, adverbs and verbs this month, and they got most of it. But there are still questions that I am unable to answer. So that will have to be something we do next month.

This month was also spent going to a bunch of fun places. We went to the Field Museum a couple of times and got to see the Aztecs, we also went to the Garfield Park Conservatory and to the Art Institute. But to me the most fun we had was at a science convention at one of the hotels downtown. The children's section was free and we truly had a blast. There were plenty of amazing experiments to look at, a lot of information for us to use in our homeschooling. We truly had a great time.

Now to see how this month goes....

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